Saturday, September 18, 2010


VAD GÖR MAN en fredagkväll? Tja, man kan bjuda över några vänner på smörrebröd och Riket-maraton. Fyra timmar sur Ernst Hugo och danska spöken. Helt okej.

WHAT DO YOU do a Friday night? Well, you can invite some friends for a Danish evening with smorrebrod (a Danish traditional sandwich consisting of 20 percent bread and 80 percent cheese, ham, meatballs, fried fish or whatever you like to put on. On top you put a sauce or mix like potato salad) and Danish video marathon. (The movie is called Riket - The State, and got a Swedish actor as one of the head actors. You can see a short clip of the movie here. Do I need to say that he's an extremely grumpy old man?)

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  1. looks very lovely. i love näkkileipä and some other also very crispy thicker dark bread.